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Productivity Tools

These are some of the tools I just cannot live without.  I am not one to rave about things that don’t work, so you can be assured that I have tried and tested a lot of productivity tools over the years to find the best for me personally, so have added these to save you some time.

Some of the links will give me some referral points, so lets help each other out. Get yourself familiar with some of the most commonly used online tools, and inspire confidence with your clients, and save tons of time! If you need any help with any of them, just give me a shout.

Collaboration Tools


A magical, customisable drag and drop real-time collaboration project management tool “to-do list”all on a single interface. It’s a list of lists filled with cards that adapts to your workflow, team or project. There’s nothing to set up and everyone gets updates instantly. There’s even an app. Notifications make sure you always know when important stuff happens and best of all, ITS FREE!  Yes there is a paid version, but for starting out it’s a great way to organise thoughts for your blog or create a blogging calendar! Yes there’s a calendar too. A simply fantastic 5 stars. Thank you Trello.5 Stars

Google Apps for Work (now G Suite)G Suite Logo

G Suite from Google Cloud brings the same fantastic apps you’ve come to learn and love from Google Apps, to share with teams around the world to work with at the same time. Continue to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations from anywhere, yet still familiar apps such as Gmail, Drive and Calendar for mail, storage and setting up tasks and reminders all nicely wrapped up in comprehensive layered security which is constantly monitored.

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Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM)

Capsule CRMcapsule logo

Capsule is the best CRM out there, that I have tried anyway.  I use this for managing deals, storing business contacts, to which you can add documents, emails and files relating to individual clients. Another great feature of Capsule is the ability to create a sales pipeline by tracking bids, deals, proposals etc.  Cases provide a bucket for managing customer service and other events, allowing for a detailed view of requests, responses and what needs to be done next. And all this linked 5 Starsto a task calendar. Also integration with a multitude of additional services. Totally indispensable and FREE for up to 2 users.

Marketing ToolsMailChimp


Marketing automation at its best. No doubt you have heard of it but this is the ultimate marketing integration for any website. Keep track of new signups, create drag and drop campaigns to match your brand and let MailChimp do all the work for you. Best of all, you can use it FOREVER FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month. After that you will need to pay a small monthly fee of $10 per 5 Starsmonth, which is nothing for what it can do for your business.

Organising Tools

Evernoteevernote logo

I never thought I would be raving about it but Evernote has come a very long way from when I first used it.  I am so impressed with recent developments and simply cannot live without it anymore.  It stores absolutely EVERYTHING in one place.  You think it, it can do it. So much so that I don’t only use this via the web, but have now downloaded it to my android and windows which is all in constant sync.  I will be dedicating a blog to everything that can be done and how to do it all in a few weeks so do come back.  Can also collaborate with others if needed. Until then, “remember everything” is exactly what it does.5 Stars

Social Media ToolsBuffer-logo


I am Sharing the #bufferlove here. This is hands down the best social media sharing platform out there (and I have tried them all).  Its simple, its clean, it easy and allows you to spend less than an hour a week uploading your posts for the week and then sit back and relax and let the magic happen (while you spend some time on next weeks posts).  Simply sign up and authorise buffer to access facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin and google+ profiles and you are good to go.  It has an appropriate posting times schedule built in which you can modify to suit your own target audience.  There is even an app and browser extension so no excuses here.  There is a free version (allows maximum 10 posts in your queue) so you will have to monitor and re-buffer daily and paid versions for increased AWESOMENESS.  Giving this one 10 stars!5 Stars5 Stars

Free Stock PhotosUnsplash Stock Photo's by Crew


FREE (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos. A project by Crew. I was sceptical, every site that ever said that always came with a catch. But there is no catch.  These guys started 2 and a half years ago by taking some left over photo’s from a photoshoot, adding them to a blog with the title “10 free, do-whatever-you-want photos every 10 days.” This became their life changing moment. Since starting Unsplash, thousands of photographers from around the world have submitted and shared their photos without so much as asking for recognition or compensation.  The photo’s are stunning, hi-res images that you can literally do anything with. Of course it would be nice to recognise the photographers if you can, but this is not a requirement. Finding the perfect photo’s is a simple as a quick search. No more paying for stock photo’s. What a relief.  Giving them 10 stars5 Stars5 Stars

More coming soon …