Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Below we outline our terms of service, which is for the benefit of both the client and Virtual Precision.

If at any stage you need any clarification and/or don’t agree with any part of these Terms of Service, please contact us.

These terms of service where last updated on 15 May 2018.

Terms of Service Contracts

Work will only be undertaken once a signed contract and job sheet have been received.

Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements

All work will be undertaken in the strictest confidence and where necessary a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement will be provided.

We do not pass or sell client information on to any 3rd parties unless requested to do so by the you, “the client”, and which will only be agreed upon signed permission from “the client”.

Billing structure

Our rates are clearly set out on our individual service pages.

If you require a tailored rate, please contact us to discuss your specific project so we can agree a final estimate and confirm same in writing.

Terms of Service for New Clients

A minimum 50% deposit is required before work is started for a new client.

We reserve the right to request full payment of the estimate for work prior to starting an assignment.

A detailed breakdown of work undertaken, hours and charges will be supplied at the end of each job.

Terms of Service for Retainer Clients

Retainer services will be paid for weekly/monthly in advance.

Retainer clients will be provided with a comprehensive breakdown of work undertaken, hours and charges applied on a weekly/monthly basis.

Scope Creep

If changes are requested beyond the scope of the initial parameters of the project, we will immediately contact you to advise that these additional changes will be charged at a rate of £30 per hour (service or project dependent).

Terms of Payment

All invoices are to be paid upon receipt unless prior arrangements have been made.

Payments can be made by bank transfer.

PayPal is no longer offered as an additional payment option.

Late payment

We will allow for a maximum grace period of 7 days after the invoicing date, when and only if a client has contacted us to advise payment will be delayed.

If you do not submit payment by the close of business on the last day of grace period, late payment fees and/or interest will be charged on a weekly basis at a rate of 10% per week.

If payment is not received within 14 days from the 7 day grace period (within 21 days), we will simply hand you over to our Debt Collectors.

Additional Costs

Prices exclude materials such as letterhead, postage, telephone charges and all other incidental expenses.

Postage for mail shots must be paid in advance.

Travelling time will be charged on all physical collection and delivery of work in the local area, unless a courier service is required, whereupon such costs will need to be paid for in advance by the client.

Speculative work

Virtual Precision do not work for free under any circumstance and will therefore NOT accept work on spec., so please do not ask.

Our  time and talents are precious and could be best serviced elsewhere.


Proof-reading of completed work is the sole responsibility of the client.

Errors arising from the client will be charged at our hourly rate.


Our normal office hours are 10:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday.

Weekends rates and hours are project dependent and discussed with client before commencement of work.


Out of normal office hours work will be charged at a higher rate to be agreed beforehand.

These rates are usually time and a half out of normal business hours and Saturdays, and double time on a Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Terms of Service Termination of Services by Client

In the unlikely event that a client is unsatisfied with any design and/or other creative projects submitted on first draft, we will endeavour to submit a second draft.

Minimum Payment

If said client is still unsatisfied and would like to end the project due to work not meeting their specification, a minimum payment will be retained for the hours worked.


The client will then be released for any further payment(s) due and/or a refund issued for any balances retained by Virtual Precision.


Any work(s) created that is refused by the client cannot be used in whole or in part in any way, and will be subject to legal action if these terms are violated.

Terms of Service Ownership rights

All works created by Virtual Precision shall be solely owned and copyrighted by Virtual Precision until such time as the final invoice has been paid.


Upon confirmation of final cleared fees, Virtual Precision will release all rights to the client.

Said client then has full permission to use and/or modify the final product as they see fit.


Virtual Precision do however retain the rights to utilise said work(s) in a repertoire and/or portfolio for future promotion


Terms of Service Sudden or Unforeseen Termination by Virtual Precision

If in the unlikely event that Virtual Precision may experience a mishap, illness or accident that may make it impossible to continue a project in progress, the client will be informed immediately.


Terms End of

We will endeavour to find an alternative replacement, if required.

We will compensate in case of a stoppage by returning any monies paid in advance, minus any work already undertaken.


We understand that most clients will act in good faith.

Where there may be a disagreement, we will negotiate in order that we may both continue on our individual paths.

Hopefully we have covered everything, but should you need any clarification on any of the above terms of service, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

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