The 10 Minute Task List Challenge

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The 10 Minute Task List Challenge

The 10 Minute Task List Challenge. With today’s technology designed with the remote worker in mind it has never been easier to hire a new staff member, without any overhead. Virtual Assistants (VA’s) and Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA’s) are the future and are fast becoming a necessity.

What’s the difference between a VA and a VPA

In a word from our vocabulary … experience!  A Virtual PA has many years of experience across the board and no doubt specialise(s) in many fields, whereas a VA is probably just starting out and still has a lot to learn about running a successful business of her own and/or is working for a VA agency.

What does a VPA do exactly?

Anything that can be done remotely. In fact, the only things a Virtual PA cannot do, is make your coffee, create or update your paper based filing systems, although you should be moving toward the paperless society we are now living in thanks to cloud technology. Everything else can be handled remotely. What can you delegate?

The 10 Minute TASK List Challenge

If this sounds like you then take The 10 Minute Task List Challenge … sit down and write a daily TASK list. This list of course, the things that consume your day that you really don’t need to do yourself.  Let’s help you focus…

  1. Those emails that continuously come flying in … delegate them. Create a company email address that your VPA can sort through and create a private email address that she can forward important things to. She can even set up filters so your inbox doesn’t become a dreaded place to be.
  2. Calendar a total mess or perhaps it’s not up to date? Need all those important dates input so you have reminders set up?  Not a problem!
  3. That filing system of yours … are you using Google drive, Dropbox or Microsoft cloud? If not, why not? Virtual Precision can set it all up for you accordingly, or simply work with you to create it just so.
  4. Do you have a pile of paperwork that needs sorting and/or scanning onto the cloud so you can become part of this paperless society we currently live in? Have it sent by courier and we can sort it all accordingly.
  5. Those expenses you have been collecting in a shoe box or plastic pocket.  Do they need sorting, scanning onto the cloud?
  6. Bookkeeping – should those expenses be input into your accounting software?  Are you using Xero or similar? We can input and scan everything and get that up to date for you and keep track of and chase for further monthly expenses.
  7. Are your invoices outstanding?  Let Virtual Precision get on the case and ensure everyone pays on time every time or we simply take care of the outstanding interest on any outstanding invoices.
  8. Are you due to make any travel plans, both personal or business?  Want to take your wife on the unexpected birthday retreat? Avoid the hassle and let Virtual Precision find the best prices and the best quotes and simply send you a breakdown without all the fuss.
  9. Been meaning to work on your social media marketing plan? Have a mountain of idea’s but never time to put them down on paper?  We’ve been there too! Lets set some time aside to put them down so Virtual Precision can create a social media plan we can keep track of.  If you’ve written the content, we can make it look sexy. Need images sourced, we can do that too.  Need messages created to suite those images? Look no further.  We are a rather talented and creative bunch. (yep, there’s quite a few tasks in here)
  10. Does your website have a blog that’s been asleep for too long.  Let’s wake it up with a bang!

And there you have it.  The 10 Minute Task List Challenge… Just a few of the many tasks that Virtual Precision can take off your desk (this is just a starting point until you feel confident we are doing a great job).

From there we can deal with website creation, maintenance, project management etc., so you can move on and get the space and time you need. There are no …

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” – Henry Ford

The 10 Minute Task List Challenge final words.

Don’t forget..

We can do everything an office PA can do except

  • make your coffee,
  • meet and greet clients
  • or deal with your paper based filing system.

Everything else can be handled remotely … so for all your SME’s and Sole Traders out there looking for a little bit of support, why not drop by our shop and find a Virtual Services package to suit your needs.

If you can’t find one, then simply contact us with your requirements and we will see if we can create a bespoke one for specially for you!