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Print to PDF not working

Windows 10 Print to PDF Not Working?  … If you are a fan of Windows 10 like I am, you have probably recently experienced the next major update by Microsoft, called the April 2018 update. (version 1803).

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Bootloop

When the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update was forced to download on my laptop on the 8th January 2018, little did I know I would lose everything, and by everything I mean system meltdown.

On reboot, windows would simply get stuck in a bootloop. Arggghhhh … really, for someone who is self-employed this was a disaster.

So at 20:00 on Jan 8th, I spent the entire night restoring my system. Thankfully, Microsoft now make it easy to restore your system with a fresh install of Windows, whilst saving your files … phew! Panic over.

And yes, all my files were saved. Granted I lost some software, but nothing I couldn’t re-load.


Windows 10 Version April 2018 Update

Needless to say, when this new update showed up on my system, (at the end of May) I was in panic mode again. Even though I had learned my lesson and now regularly backup my desktop files, I was still a little sceptical, especially considering it took so very long. But fret not, all was well this time around.

There are some fantastic new features and it seems Microsoft is now making great strides in Windows 10, so all good.

Ooops … Print to PDF not Working

So finally this morning, I needed to use the much needed print to PDF facility. Alas, this facility no longer worked, and kept on telling me that, after renaming the file I wanted to PDF, that the file could not be found.

Really Microsoft? I know this, this is why I am trying to save this PDF. Arrgggghhh.

Quick Fix

So if you find you are having this exact issue, this is what worked for me in 3 easy steps (incl. reboot).

1. Simply turn print to pdf off and on again.

Click on Start and type windows feature and wait for the Windows features window to load.

windows feature

2. Scroll down and deselect

Microsoft Print to PDF and/or Microsoft XPS Document Writer (while you are here and they are both there, deselect them both) … Then click OK to save settings.

windows feature window

3. Reboot Windows 10

Once you have rebooted simply go back to step 1. Wait for window to load and scroll down as per step 2. This time reselect them both. Click OK to save settings and you should now be able to print to pdf as normal.

windows feature on and off


This small tip should help you get print to pdf NOT WORKING … to IS WORKING again. If for any reason yours is not and/or you need any additional help, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below and I will try and update this post accordingly.

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