WooCommerce Store Closure

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WooCommerce Store Closure

You may (may not) have noticed our WooCommerce Store is now closed. We are planning a revamp towards the end of the year so will be back in about 5 months.

We are still offering the same fantastic service, but now you will have to pay by bank transfer.


This free customisable eCommerce plugin for WordPress is the best platform there is, when it comes to creating an eCommerce store (and trust me I tried a few).

I have no issues with WooCommerce at all, and to be frank, its a simple lightweight store that can save you a lot of time (once set up) and is open 24 hours a day. If anything, I will miss the convenience but there are a few reasons I have closed my particular store… until further notice. If you want your own simply clean WooCommerce store, you can find out more here.

Here you can read An Introduction to GDPR Compliance for WooCommerce Stores, which also supplies a link at the bottom for resources and tools.

Reason 1 … PayPal

I have been with paypal for over 15 years. and started with them back when I was selling on ebay (many moons ago). Over the years, I have used paypal here and there for overseas clients and to get affiliate commissions.

They used to be easy and convenient, but after being away for a few years, and then going back to them in January of this year, I was shocked as just how they have changed.

Long story short (as this will be a post on it’s own), they held my monies for anything from 7 days, to 21 days. Alarm bells ringing so I closed my account, removed this option from the store and went back to bank transfers.

But who wants a store that doesn’t offer paypal? or any other easy payment options for customers?? I tried a few different payment options, but they where nothing short of a nightmare, so I deleted them all.

So until something new and reliable comes along that does not need code to work (what with GDPR going on) … I will simply bide my time. I do know ebay is waiting out its contract with Paypal until 2020, when they will be using the Dutch company Adyen, but now it looks as if they will be renewing their partnership with Paypal, so who knows.

Reason 2 … GDPR

With life getting in the way, clients coming first and working around the clock, like most companies, I left GDPR until the last minute. I ended up in a spiraling panic learning all I could and finding a simply way around the nightmare ahead i.e trying to get my head around yet another law and figuring out the best way to move forward.

Along came The GDPR Framework plugin … phew! And again, I won’t get into too much detail but to say they saved my butt, and I cannot thank them enough … considering all this hard work they put into this plugin is actually FREE to use … but again, let’s leave this for another blog, as it deserves it’s own page.

Not only this but WordPress also came out with a new version that tends to sit in the background and helps you with update suggestions when you add or remove plugins. So between the two, I was covered.

So because of the issues of GDPR and everyone else (including plugin designers) also waiting for the last minute, updates from them and their privacy policies in order for me to update my privacy policy was getting a little too much, and was one more thing I did not want to wait for, as I had clients to attend to and two weeks to sort my side of things out i.e. do a data inventory and document same etc.

Reason 3 … Speed

I have recently taken a serious interest in site speed. You will normally find me hanging out on pingdom checking everything on a weekly basis. I have been trying to speed up without the use of plugins, yet also keep my site score high.

Trust me this is hard. So as it currently stands, I have a great site score, but load speed is not that great … so which do I want … this is the thing, but every week I try and test something new out whether it be ht.access codes or another plugin, but I will eventually get to where I want to be (the real solution is actually upgraded hosting) … but again, this is for another blog post all to its own (once I find the best solution).


So thank you to those of you who did support our WooCommerce store … I know it was convenient for some and a great way to create products tailored to specific clients … but at the same time letting my competitors know what my fee structure is/was and helping them with their research …

Hey, I am trying to be (GDPR) transparent.

Fret not, once I have had a rethink, I will be reinstating the store, so do keep a look out for a fresh new store … circa 5 months (before Christmas). And if you need any further information or perhaps help in setting up your own WooCommerce store, I can certainly help, so just give me a shout.