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This very short post is simply to advise that Virtual Precision is taking part in the #DeleteFacebook Campaign and is no longer on Facebook for business.#DeleteFacebook

My account(s) are cue’d for deletion within 14 days. (my personal account has been deactivated for years “apparently”) yet when i log in to delete my account permanently, I find many additional friend requests. Not deactivated at all … as people could still search for me *which they “say” does not happen when deactivated*

Reasons for #DeleteFacebook

  1. Never been a fan of Facebook,
  2. Facebook has never worked for my business,
  3. After much research I have found it is more geared towards woman, beauty and hair etc., unless you pay for FB Ads,
  4. Facebook is not my target market,
  5. Too much spam (no matter how much time wasted with these settings),
  6. My business and private life are two very separate entities,
  7. I respect people’s privacy, and expect the same in return,
  8. No time to waste reading nonsense,
  9. Not very secure or private,
  10. Client privacy and security is paramount to me!

If you need any help with understanding or taking part in #DeleteFacebook … please don’t hesitate to contact me.