Virtual Precision Design Services

Virtual Precision Design Services. We are committed to helping Authors not only get their work in print, but also helping them create the perfect, fit for purpose book cover(s).

We have …

  • taken old, tired, boring Websites and turned them into something responsive and spectacular.  
  • we have helped clients brand and re-brand, keeping every future design in line with their corporate identity.
  • created still and animated logo’s,
    • social media banners,
    • business video introductions,
    • video presentations,
    • newsletters,
    • infographics and
    • even a Christmas Card Video.
  • sourced the most dynamic images for blog posts, which we also SEO and upload for them, to ensure they get the hits they deserve and, depending on the keyword, usually on page 1 of google!

We are …

  • also offering Authors, or anyone with a book to promote, Animated book covers.  These can be supplied in animated.gif format (for those covers that do not lose too much quality), to .mp4 looped video’s (if hosting on your own site, although some browsers might not play nice), or simply an .avi format for upload and hosting on youtube.  The choice is yours.   You can view our portfolio here.

Please note 

… due to currently undergoing a 2016 website re-fresh of our own, (website resolution # 1), not all portfolio items are uploaded as yet, but there are a few samples for you to get a feel for what we can do.

Virtual Precision Design Services Pricing

Due to every design being so different, fees are very hard to predict until such time as we have a clearer understanding on scope of project.  So please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will give you an honest opinion as to whether we can help you or not.

For example:  not all book covers can be animated without some loss of quality in .gif format, so then we would rather opt for the looped video format, however, depending on the final cover design, and more specifically, the font used, some covers might also display poorly in video format.

Virtual Precision Design Services Cover Design

The fees below are for those who ONLY require a Full Cover Design, i.e. magazine, novel, print book, presentation etc.  They are not the fees quoted for Authors who have opted to take a typesetting package, as outlined on our Author Services page.