Author Services

Virtual Precision have been committed to helping Authors get their work in print for the past 6 years. Author Services. We have experience across all major print and ebook platforms including Amazon CreateSpace, Kindle, Lightning Source, IngramSpark, Lulu and Smashwords.  We can create print ready PDF’s, as well as HTML ready files for self upload to Amazon Kindle or ePub3 files for upload to iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble NOOK or simply formatting to various specifications and uploading direct to the distribution channel(s) of your choice, on your behalf.

Self Publishing

A few years ago, self-publishing was seen by many as a last resort for the desperate author trying to get their work into print … but no more. Self-publishing is now ‘indie’, with more and more authors enjoying the freedom that self-publishing gives them.


  1. Self-publishing offers you, the author, complete control of every aspect of the publishing process, from layout, text style, editing, proofreading, cover design, price and book size to advertising and marketing, with suggestions and guidance along the way from us at Virtual Precision.
  2. As a self-publisher you retain complete copyright to your work, which is imperative if you want to sell your book on to a commercial publisher in future.
  3. Self-publishing puts you in the driving seat i.e. your book … your way!


  1. The financial risk is all yours.
  2. You have to learn many a new skill – from design to typesetting, marketing to distribution, or get help with some if not all of it along the way.
  3. You will find it close to impossible to break into the traditional book supply chain.

Final Word(s)

Self-publishing should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience from start to finish, whether establishing a writing career, writing for pleasure or for business … there are many reasons why people self-publish. So whatever your particular reason, make sure that you choose a competent publishing partner with an established reputation that can do your work justice.

Author Services

Author Typesetting Packages

For those authors who require ebooks and/or print typesetting, we offer the following starter to premium packages. Typesetting packages are designed for those authors who have little to no experience of the various platforms and their individual specifications, however, if you only require a specific service they are individually detailed below this table.



Per Project
  • Typesetting for a basic 6×9 text novel
  • 1 page table of contents
  • Choice of ebook distribution platform
  • Sign up and seeing through the “conversion process” to acceptance
  • Creation of author bio page
  • Linking Amazon Accounts
  • Time-sheet supplied
  • Minor Amendments
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eBook Plus


Per Project
  • Typesetting for a basic 6×9 text novel
  • 2 page table of contents
  • Choice of ebook distribution platforms
  • Sign up and seeing through the “conversion process” to acceptance
  • Creation of author bio pages
  • Linking Amazon Accounts
  • Time-sheet supplied
  • Minor Amendments
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The Works


Per Project
  • Typesetting for a basic 6×9 text and image novel
  • 4+ pages table of contents
  • Choice of print and ebook distribution platforms
  • Sign up and seeing through the “conversion process” to acceptance
  • Creation of author bio pages
  • Linking Amazon Accounts
  • Time-sheet supplied
  • MAJOR Amendments
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  • FINAL PROOFED novel in word format. (no fancy formatting required as we start from scratch)
  • Your Amazon email address in order to sign you up to kindle with same address for linking purposes, you can change your password upon completion.
  • MINOR amendments are included and consist of an A4 single sided page.
  • MAJOR amendments will be charged at an hourly rate of £20 per hour.
  • SCOPE CREEPS … we have ZERO tolerance for same, and will simply charge the hourly rate of £20 per hour over an above said project scope.

Scope creep … “(also called requirement creep, function creep and feature creep) in project management refers to uncontrolled changes or continuous growth in a project’s scope. This can occur when the scope of a project is not properly defined, documented, or controlled. It is generally considered harmful.”

  • Properly defined project scope = FINAL PROOFED copy novel in word format. Endless amendments will simply NOT be tolerated.
  • Images need to be supplied in 150 dpi for ebooks and 300 dpi for print.
  • Images include pictures, graphs, charts and tables, as ePub only accepts images.
  • No word tables, screenprints, graphs and charts unless already in correct resolution image format as mentioned above.
  • Cover Design (if required) for an additional £50 fee.
  • Major Amendments for an additional £20 per hour fee.
  • Image creation for an additional £20 per hour fee.
  • WordPress Website for an additional £50 per page.
  • Hosting arranged for £5 or £10 extra per month.

Author Services – Editing & Proof-reading

  • Removes spelling and punctuation mistakes.
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Fee: £4.00 per page 

  • Rewriting your novel in places to ensure that your writing style and sentence construction flow smoothly, in addition to correcting spelling and punctuation errors.
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Fee: £6.00 per page

  • Costs apply to double-spaced manuscripts, in 12 point, printed on one side of A4 only.
  • Manuscripts submitted with 1.5 spacing or 11 point typeface will be charged at a higher rate.
  • Fees are based on 350 words per page.

Please note 

The fees quoted below are for those Authors who ONLY require a specific service.  They are not the fees quoted for those Authors who have opted to take a typesetting package, as outlined above.

Author Services – Print-on-Demand Typesetting

  • Working in the author’s existing Word file, we can format to the correct page size, ensuring that page numbering, running headers, captions, and all formatting issues are consistent and correct.
  • A PDF proof is supplied to the author to check, and any corrections made to the typeset Word file.
  • PDF output is generated ready to print.


100-250 pages = £200

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250-300 pages = £250

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300-400 pages = £300

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  • Typesetting in InDesign will give your book a more professional appearance.
  • Importing the author’s original text file into InDesign, we undertake layout, text design / formatting to a professional industry standard specification.
  • A PDF proof is supplied for the author to check, and any amendments made to the typeset InDesign file.
  • Print quality final PDF will be supplied.

Fees: Project Dependent

  • A FINAL PROOF copy is required.
  • Costs apply to TEXT ONLY manuscripts. (not text books or books with images)
  • Manuscripts with IMAGES might incur a higher fee, and these images need to be supplied at 300 dpi for print.
  • MINOR Amendments are INCLUDED. (One A4 single sided page).
  • MAJOR Amendments will be charged at a rate of £25 per hour.
  • Fees quoted are for print quality PDF supplied and DO NOT include ebook typesetting, which are slightly different formats across the likes of kindle and iTunes (another two different formats).
  • Fees quoted DO NOT include uploading to the platform(s) of your choice.
  • The above options assume your novel is text format only.
  • They DO NOT include the likes of textbooks that use references, footnotes, references, tables, charts, images etc.
  • Fees will be based on first seeing your final proofed document, and ensuring all tables, charts and images are supplied at 300 dpi, in order to quote properly.
  • Word tables and charts are NOT considered print quality images and these will need to be re-created in photoshop or similar BEFORE they can be added to projects.
  • Please contact for further details, or chose THE WORKS Author Typesetting Package above.

Author Services – Cover Design

An author-supplied 300 dpi image (either a finished illustration or photo, not a rough sketch), will be required in order for us to design a full cover spread. This includes an initial rough design, revision and work-up into a complete artwork spread, including spine, blurb editing, author bio and barcode generation. Output to print quality PDF.

Fee: £100.00

Taking the author’s ideas into account, we offer design suggestions, sample images and a rough layout. Revisions, proofing and output to print quality PDF will be supplied for final approval. This includes the sourcing of up to 3 royalty-free images which the author should chose from, buy and supply.

Fee: £200.00

We can supply an original illustration to an author’s brief from our professional illustrator; followed by design, proof, revision and output a print ready PDF.

Fee: £300.00

Author Services – Final Word(s)

Finally, if you feel overwhelmed by all the options feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. Catering for both the debut and professional author can be difficult, and therefore understand that too much information can be confusing. A simple phone call might be a solution.