What we do

What we do

Virtual Precision have been in the services industry in one form or another for over 25 years. What we do? Over the years it has come to light that there is no one specific company that entrepreneurs, SME’s and/or authors can turn to in order to accomplish a multitude of tasks. Each company seems limited in what they can offer. Here at Virtual Precision we want to break that mould and become your one stop for a variety of services.

Granted, there are a few things that we do NOT offer service wise, but this is simply because we are a small company offering a dedicated tailored service to our clients, who are more like a family, and if we had to spend our days answering telephones, for example, we simply would not get the more important tasks done, like helping business owners run their businesses from behind the scenes.

What we do? Virtual Services

We offer a vast range of services for individuals, entrepreneurs, SME’s and authors alike.  We can accomplish almost any task you throw our way, and these are all listed on our virtual services page.  In fact, it would be easier to just list what we DO NOT offer, as that list is rather small.

  1. Coffee and tea (we can send you a coffee machine)
  2. Transcription services (we can source)
  3. Telephone answering service (we can recommend)
  4. Fax services (do they still use these?)
  5. Printing & Binding services (we can source)
  6. FULL Booking keeping services (although we know a gal)

Anything else you require, we can do, and do well!

What we do? Author Services

For those authors who require ebooks and/or print typesetting, we offer starter to premium typesetting packages, which are designed for those authors who have little to no experience of the various platforms and their individual specifications. If you are a more experienced author who only requires a specific service they are individually detailed on our Author Services page.

What we do? WordPress Services

Virtual Precision can look after your WordPress website … so you don’t have to!  Designed for SME’s, authors or entrepreneurs, who want to stop worrying or wasting time learning WordPress … while running their business or on a manuscript deadline. Our WordPress Installation, Maintenance and/or Hosting services give you complete peace of mind.

We are now offering a full maintenance package, with extra’s if required, to help those clients and authors who are fed up of paying outrageous fees.  If we can’t help you, for whatever reason, we will simply tell you and/or recommend someone who can.  You can find out more details on our WordPress Services page.

What we do? Design Services

Committed to helping Authors not only get their work in print, but also helping them create the perfect, fit for purpose book cover(s) and creating their websites. And new for 2016, Animated Book Covers.Ideas Matter

We also;

  • help clients brand and re-brand, keeping every future design in line with their corporate identity
  • take old, tired, boring Websites and turn them into something spectacularly mobile responsive.
  • create still and animated logo’s, social media banners, business video introductions, video presentations, newsletters, infographics and even Christmas Card Videos, not to mention the normal powerpoint presentations.
  • source the most dynamic images for blog posts, which we also SEO and upload for YOU, to ensure YOU get the hits YOU deserve and, depending on the keyword, usually on page 1 of google!


Whatever your design needs, you can view our Design Services page, our portfolio (currently updating), or simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

What we do? It all starts with YOU!

Please note … we are re-designing our portfolio layout and will be updated soon.

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