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Weblizar Premium Theme

Let me make myself clear from the start, I write this post in the hopes that I help someone else avoid this particular Creative Weblizar Premium Theme nightmare.  This is by no means a thrashing, but rather my very recent FACTUAL experience of this theme and their creators, Weblizar.

As already mentioned in a previous blog post, I am not one to name and shame, but as yet, in my many years of working with wordpress, I have never experienced such a poor quality theme and such a poor support service … therefore it brings me to this point of …

if I buy a premium theme, I simply expect it to work as it should, and NOT be left with too many headaches, especially at this time of year!

Don’t be such a Div(i) …

I have been using the Divi theme from elegant themes for years now, and as it goes, I never needed to change as I was too busy helping my paying clients with their sites, businesses and books.

Divi was a simple drag and drop site but after a while I started realising that if I created too many blog posts or pages and changes, that in no time at all, if I ever did decide to upgrade to a more dynamic theme, that I would have to go through every single page, and set them all to default, or be left with pages and pages of code that looked like this (below) …

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4?][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” text_font_size=”14? use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”]

This is just a very short excerpt of pages and pages of it, but if you forget to go back and set to default, all page text, animations etc., will be lost.  That said, if you have created text/images etc., within the drop boxes themeselves, even if you DO set to default all text/images etc., will be GONE forever, if you forget this little part … gggrrrrr!

Not only that, but all my portfolio items went missing as they tend to call them projects, so of course when your not paying attention like me, (whose always into doing stuff as quick and efficiently as possible … and sometimes forgets those other things you haven’t done for a few months), you lose all or most of your hard work and effort.

In with the … erm?

Well after neglecting my own business and website for the past 4 years, due to working for other clients 24/7, I finally decided that 2016 was a refresh of my own site, my own SEO and well time to get my own business out there to the fore front of Google for a change.

So November 2015 brings with it a new Author client who needed help with the works.  I was to typeset his novel, create his cover, create some social media banners, and then came the website.

No point being an author and creating all the social media pages if you can’t bring people to a website.

That said, off I went on a mission to find him a nice simple, clean fresh theme to match his book.

Along came a Weblizar Premium Theme!

Wow, I blown away at all the theme options out there. Just shows. I have been out of it for quite sometime working on other peoples’ websites, but after a short while, I found Weblizar and liked the look of their Weblizar Premium Theme.

So I created said authors’ site using the FREE version, which worked like a charm, simple and fast. However, couldn’t really get any customisations to work as they should. Therefore convinced author client to buy the premium version of Weblizar Premium Theme, which he did for a very reasonable amount of money.

This theme has everything needed for a new website.  It was voted one of the “TOP FREE RESPONSIVE WORDPRESS THEMES“. Which yes, I have to agree with!

As well as being super user friendly, it is also great if you have never had a website before.

Not bad, managed to sort his website, social media, book typesetting and final cover design by the Kindle deadline of 15 December 2015.

Holiday?  what’s that?

So more background … I haven’t had a holiday since 2006.

It’s been work work work, study, study, sleep, eat work some more.  Time flies in the UK.

So finally I take the plunge and decide to go back home, to Cape Town. As not seen or heard from the sun in so very long, I didn’t know I could be so pale.

But I am going to the other side of the globe so I decide to go all in. For a good few long overdue months.  Ticket’s booked, off I go home to visit family and friends, from October to end Jan.

So yes this is all going on while I am on “holiday”. But I don’t relax if I am not earning so I don’t mind as it both.  It keeps the wolves from the door and gives me a break from the Sun. There’s a lot of it this time of year and only so much I can handle!

New Year, New Website Makeover!

So after my awesome experience with authors’ website and weblizar, I decide to have a look at their other themes. Time to find one that has my name written ALL OVER IT!

Yup, Creative Weblizar Premium Theme … and I didn’t even need to code it myself. Yes I can code, but I simply don’t have the time or patience as paying clients come first. And there is only so much I can do in a day.

(I am studying a Computing and IT degree, so programming is one subject I get a lot of exposure with. But please don’t ask me to create a theme from scratch. As there are just not enough hours in the day!)

So I BUY themes to make life easier and afford me the creative time to help my paying clients.

Last thing I wanna do after a programming assignment is do more programming!

Another visit to Weblizar!

This post is getting far too long now so will continue next week.

Stay tuned … as this is where the nightmare begins … part 2 next week.