Weblizar CREATIVE Premium Theme

Weblizar CREATIVE Premium Theme

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Weblizar CREATIVE Premium Theme Part two … continuing from the previous post on 5th Jan 2016, in summary, author client had bought Weblizar Premium theme, which was ideal for a brand new site, apart from some small problems which I managed to sort out.

Another visit to Weblizar!

It’s the 14th December, I am on leave so I decide its okay to take my website down, for a few days, as I had now found a further theme from Weblizar called Creative Premium, which I thought looked ideal for my particular needs, so jumped in and bought this theme for $41.00, which at this price, I assume it has to be free from too many problems … I was wrong!

Installation Sensation

The first thing I notice upon installing this Creative Premium theme and diving into the options panel, is a spelling mistake i.e. options pannel.  I think okay, something small, wont effect much, so I continue re-designing my site, which is now offline as since swapping from Divi theme, which I had previously, most of my pages went missing due to their drag and drop features.

Menu Structure

Nonetheless, my site was “undergoing maintenance” for the longest it has ever been down (14th Dec – 19th Dec) … this is how long it took me to re-do my entire site with this particular theme.  Firstly because it only has first and second level menu’s, so all my 3rd levels caused problems with their menu structure, but these where mostly portfolio items and they had, in their options pannel, a section for portfolio, so no biggie I thought, just re-create every single portfolio item for the past 4 years … gggrrrr.  Already wondering if I made a mistake here.

Do Overs

Creative Portfolio

Sadly there is no simply way of taking your previous 3rd level pages and dropping them into this menu, so basically you have to re-create EVERYTHING over again in order for it to work in this theme.  So they now call their portfolio slug /creative-portfolio/ … which you sadly don’t see in the DEMO version, so have no idea about this to begin with … http://demo.weblizar.com/preview/#creative

Then once you manage to create an item or two and go view it in their portfolio section, yes it works okay, looks good, but once you hover over said portfolio item, the text is white, and most if not all your images are white or light so you can hardly see the text.  There are not simply options to change this, but even it you do change it to say a darker colour, then when a darker image comes along then you have the same problem.  Be alot better if they had a shadow box of sorts that would show up the text … but anyway, least of my problems at the moment.  After putting a few more portfolio items in and viewing portfolio page, I notice that every so often, my portfolio items overlap each other … another bug … (see below, the last row, I have 3 items overlapping above the fold)

Creative Premium Portfolio Loading Error

Creative Bold Text

So in order to break the monotony of black and white, there are times I am sure everyone wants to highlight text in pages or especially posts for good SEO.  Well their bold feature is somewhat unique, in that it leaves a space between the previous and bold text as shown.  Creative Premium Bold Text Problem

Creative Clients

slug /creative-clients/ … all your clients will have to be re-created in order to “fit” this theme.  However, NO WHERE in their support documentation do they say or advise of what SIZE to make your new client logo images, so this took ALOT of trial and error as my magic “regenerate thumbnails” plugin did not work with this theme at all! Finally getting a response so for anyone who needs it, their client logo size is 215 x 116 px.

Creative Testimonial

slug /creative-testimonial/ … again, all your testimonials have to be recreated to “fit” this theme, however, although these scroll across your home page, some testimonials are obviously longer than others, so when this occurs and someone is trying to read something at the bottom of your homepage, if the larger testimonial scrolls across the screen, suddenly there’s a jump so they lose where they were reading or looking.  Very annoying and I know from experience that if that happens to me I just move on.

Then you go to the actual testimonial page, set with their template, and all you see on your testimonials page, are the last 4 testimonials.  What!! … some people want to read feedback from start to finish, not just the last 4??  I was hoping to rather have one or two lines on homepage and then read more if they wanted to, but this wouldn’t work because of their set up of only the last 4.  Very annoying, so I ended up creating my own testimonials page with feature icons, but this caused yet another problem as shown i.e. hovering over any testimonials now, causes navigation header to “grey out”.

Creative Premium Testimonials Problem

Creative Service

slug /creative-service/ … ditto … just re-create your services again, which looks good on this theme, so you don’t mind much … the problem comes later when you decide to CHANGE themes.

… so already this is most of my site.  There are a few other options in the options pannel, but they are useful ones for this particular theme.

Creative Slider

slug /creative-slider/ … even their slider has its own slug for each image, and this I found out the hard way, once I had changed themes and seen webmaster tools and just how many pages of 404’s there were.  Took me the entire day yesterday (Saturday 9th Jan) to remove 161 404’s … but more about that a little later.  And again … NOWHERE in their support documentation doe they give you a clue as to the best size for your SLIDER images.  This again took alot of trial and error, even though I did sent them an email asking them, they responded when they felt like it, by then I had wasted another day.  So for anyone also having headaches … Slider Image Size: 1900 x 600 px.

Pricing Tables

Now although they have these on their website, pricing tables are simply not a feature in Creative Premium.  Now bear in mind this is a theme for someone who offers services, one would think this feature would be important and well supplied, but no.  You have to find your own plugin for this, which I found a little strange as I think most themes offer this as a built in feature, unless I have just been spoiled with Divi Theme.  When I asked them about this feature they said they would supply me with “the document” yet it never arrived, so just do yourself a favour and find a pricing table plugin.  Although I did have to chase them for an answer.

Creative Premium Pricing Tables

Image: Creative Premium

Contact Pages and Missing Emails

If memory serves me I think they had 3 different contact pages.  One thing about this theme is they LOVE to show your email address everywhere, which is very bad for SEO, so even if you omit it, the little mail icon will still show up, so you have no choice but to write your email address in these boxes, even using the (a) instead of @.

However, one would think that omitting something, would take said icon away as with other themes, but no, not in this theme, it still lingers.  So after having no option but to chose the simple contact page, even though the others looked a little nicer, after completing all the information required in the options pannel for the contact page, I notice there is no where to add your email address, so I assume it is using the email address registered with WordPress, yet after doing a few email tests from the contact page, not one email was received.  After emailing support, I am still awaiting an answer to this simple question.  Love to know where those emails went, so ended up using the Jetpack Contact Form instead, looks rubbish, but it works!


During these offline days of trying to glue my website back together again, I sent 16 emails to support, as their support forum was not ONLINE yet, which led me to believe that I was the first person to buy this theme, and which was rather annoying as I would of preferred to ask on the forum, to help those who encountered the same problems, over come them, with a lot less hassle that I had to endure.

I sent them one on the 17th Dec and only received a response to that one on the 21st.  Yes it might be Christmas holidays, but they say their support is open 24/7 and frankly, most companies are still working until at least the 20th, if not longer, so this was simple not acceptable, and as shown, the forum was not working from the time I bought the theme on the 14th, to the first DEMO post on the 4th Jan.  VERY POOR!!

28th Dec = no posts (I have had theme since 14th Dec)

Creative Support Forum

4th Jan = demo post

Creative Premium Test Post


Another problem is post images.  You cannot align them right or centre.  No matter what you do, every image will be left aligned. Doesn’t make for a nice post.


Yet another great feature for any theme, unfortunately with this theme, if you add more than one accordion item, say you have a list like I do on my services pages, the first one will allow you to have bullet points and will align the second line of the bullet point in line with the text of the first line of the bullet point, no problem.  Come to the second accordion item and the bullet points will not align the second line of a bullet point text to the first.  So again, this does not make anything consistent.  Looks sloppy.  So your only bet here is to create every accordion item individually.  This however then does not allow the first accordion item to stay open.  There is no way to force an accordion item to stay open unless there is more than one in the list.  Unlike this theme, where you can simply tick a box to have it stay open, there is no option in Creative Premium for same.

Loading Issues

After making my site live on the 19th and letting it run for a full week, I noticed that I could not load my site on my LG G4 (a rather new phone).  I tried using a family members’ iPad, only to find the same issue, not loading … just a little animated “loading” icon going round and round.  The only reason I could load it in browser was because it was cached in same.  When I tried to force it to stop, it would briefly show up, and then start the “loading icon” again. This was infuriating, so I decided to do an SEO site checkup and speed test from pingdom.


SEO checkup gave me a score of 70/100.  SHOCKING … never had such a bad score, and looking at the report I get 11 failed checks and 4 warnings.  Previous score with Divi theme was 86/100. Most of the errors are the usual using inline CSS styles, JS not minified etc.  But to my horror there where simple things … like

no H1 headings??

Creative Premium No H1 Headings

Erm what.  So I go to site to see the headings at the top of each page are actually H2?

Creative Premium No H1 Headings

JS Error Checker


which turns out to be …

Creative Premium Illegal JS

Error Logs

However, after all the loading errors on my mobile and ipad, I decide to go look at the error logs to find pages and pages of …  luckily I managed to sort this out myself … but herewith another example of AN IMPORTANT spelling mistake.  Below the error function is calling

/* Breadcrumbs  */

                function weblizar_breadcrumbs() {

yet they have spelled it breadcrums.php … (luckily managed a temporary fix … but seriously??)

[21-Dec-2015 15:33:26 Europe/London] PHP Catchable fatal error:  Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in … /wp-content/themes/creative-premium/functions/breadcrumbs/breadcrums.php on line 52

Site Speed

Creative Premium Site SpeedCreative Premium SEO Loading Mobile View

This then sums up the continuous problems and its the final straw … over 1.5 minutes to load, however, the site never loads and the mobile view image (LEFT) from the SEO report sums up what it looked like on both ipad and android … permanently!

Slower than 92% of all tested sites on pingdom test!!!  Might have higher performance grade, but its pointless if its so slow, so speed wins over performance hands down for me!

Creative Premium Pingdom Speed Test

And finally, to add insult to injury, the GT Metrix speed test report, just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy …

Creative Premium GT Metrix Still Loading

As you will ALSO see here, the website image is ALSO still loading.

… time to get rid of this theme pronto!

Webmaster Tools

So after weeks of mucking about with time I did not have to waste, I have finally visited webmaster tools to see how many redirections I need to sort out.

To my absolute horror I find that I have over 161 errors, which as I already mentioned, took me all of saturday to sort out (shown below) … everything with .navbar collapse (why they using bootstrap with WP not sure) … and also to show you their “slugs” which change with every single theme, so don’t do it!

Ok to be fair there were a few from the Divi theme, but 90% of them were Creative Premium!  A lot of hard work! Now I end up with over 160 re-directs which is also an SEO nightmare, so I am hoping this will not interfere with site speed too much, but only time will tell!

Creative Premium Webmaster Tools 404s

To Summarise

If you are going to spend this kind of money on a premium theme, I would suggest you first check in with the theme developers and make sure they answer emails promptly.

I would then check to make sure they speak English well, as it has later come to light that Weblizar are actually in India which makes things difficult when you send emails and don’t get responses to half the questions you ask, probably because they do not understand, or simply just don’t want to, not sure.

Make sure the theme has been used and tested by OTHER members of the population, preferably via WordPress theme panel, not PANNEL.  Also make sure the reviews are legit!

Also ensure you check the support forums are working, there is actually something going on, you can actually post a comment or start a new topic.

Don’t be in a hurry like me, assuming that because their Weblizar Premium theme worked great for a totally new site, that the rest of their themes would be like that.

If you do want a slick theme, that you can customise to your hearts content … do yourself a favour, pay a little more and get the x-theme by themeco!  They don’t call it the Ultimate Theme for nothing!  There are endless customisations to such an extent that there is no way one theme can be exactly the same as the other.  And my experience so far is, the best theme I have ever bought!

Finally … beware!

So after receiving an email from Weblizar support, saying they would be dealing with any and all issues come mid January (just not good enough, an entire month after I bought the theme), I decided to buy a cheapie from them in the hopes I could use that until they DID decided to fix their Creative Premium Theme, only to find that if you DO buy another theme from them, these slugs are called as per that particular theme.  So all the customisations you made in their previous theme, is once again lost, and you will have to start all over again.

Example:  I decided to buy their INCREDIBLE theme for $19.  Now I sit with all the customisations made in Creative Premium to go missing, all sliders, all clients, all portfolios etc … EVERYTHING IS NOW GONE as you start all over again.

Slugs now read … /incredible-service/, /incredible-clients/, /incredible-testimonials/ etc., so be prepared for a lot more work.

I find this INCREDIBLY stupid of them.  They say you can buy all their themes for whatever it is for lifetime membership, but you will be spending your lifetime re-creating everything all over again.  They refunded me this fee however, but not very politely.

I get the feeling they were doing me a favour, but now onto claim my refund for Creative Premium Theme Nightmare!

And on a higher note … my x-theme premium theme has been tested after using it for the past 2 weeks, and I am pleased to see and say that … speed is AWESOME!

X-Theme Speed Test

Featured Image from Weblizar