How to Create your 3D Book Cover

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How to create your 3D Book Cover

Ever wanted a nice stylish 3D book cover for promotional purposes? Or simply to see what your book might look like in print, perhaps a pile of them?  Now you can, so I will show you How to Create your 3D Book Cover in a few easy steps. What you will need Your front .jpg book cover Your .jpg spine … Read More

Letters from the Heart

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Want to take part in Cary Grant’s next book project? Here are some ideas to get you started. It’s FREE, so be a Hero by helping to raise money for Children in Need. Simply write a letter of your choice and post them here or you can also donate below if you wish to help raise further funds.

I Never got the Chance …

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i never got the chance by cary grant

If you ever wanted to write a book but, like me, never got the time to put your thoughts down all in one place, then this might be just what you are after.  A very dear client of mine, Cary Grant, the author, is looking for participants to take part in his next book project … I never got the chance to tell … Read More

UNLOCKED – 5 Secrets of the Perfect Virtual Assistant

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Call all startups, its time to break free

Virtual Precision have been successfully helping startups and entrepreneurs for over 4 years, but no matter how many people I talk to they always ask me what I do and how I do it. I simply say “I do everything a PA does, virtually from my own office”.  That’s not entirely true though, there are obviously things I cannot do … Read More

The 10 Minute Task List Challenge

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With today’s technology designed with the remote worker in mind it has never been easier to hire a new staff member, without any overhead. Virtual Assistants (VA’s) and Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA’s) are the future and are fast becoming a necessity. What’s the difference between a VA and a VPA In a word from our vocabulary … experience!  A Virtual PA has many … Read More

8 Ways Virtual Precision can Increase YOUR Productivity

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8 Ways Virtual Precision can Increase YOUR Productivity

Are you overwhelmed with your workload, wearing too many hats and dream of becoming more productive and less stressed? Do you need another team member working toward the same goals for YOUR business, without the hassle of hiring new staff? Are you open to new ideas and willing let someone else systemise your business, routines and ready to delegate those repetitive time-consuming … Read More