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Virtual Precision Facts

Soon it’s a New Year. You have decided to make changes to your life, or you are still thinking about it. Here at Virtual Precision your Virtual Personal Assistant and Creative Problem Solver can help you do just that! If you are an entrepreneur or startup, a solopreneur, author or established SME getting inundated with daily, weekly or monthly business growth tasks, then this is for you!

Virtual Precision Problem Solver

You might be …

  • working on a business idea,
  • working on a business plan,
  • creating a startup,
  • an entrepreneur,
  • a solopreneur,
  • an author,
  • doing market research,
  • creating persona’s for your target market,
  • creating a marketing plan,
  • working on a social media plan,
  • doing research,
  • an established SME,
  • or any other?

… and constantly inundated with daily, weekly and monthly tasks that are always on the back burner?

Virtual Precision Solutions

What if …

  • You could suddenly find your clone,
  • an extension of you,
  • another right hand,
  • someone who can anticipate what you need and when you need it,
  • someone you could pay according to your budget,
  • and have a go-to person when things go tits up?

Better yet …

What if you didn’t need to waste time …

  • interviewing,
  • training,
  • allocating,
  • supervising,
  • watching,
  • checking,
  • proofreading,
  • creating,
  • thinking,
  • brainstorming,
  • creating task lists
  • creating blogs
  • coming up with social media ideas

We do it all … and more !

Virtual Precision Services

Perhaps you need to …

  • Create a business plan,
  • Research target markets,
  • Design stationery,
  • Create a website,
  • Market your business,
  • Master marketing,
  • Learn design,
  • Find financial software,
  • Find sales funnel software,
  • Create campaigns,
  • Monitor and test campaigns,
  • Master social media and website integration,
  • Learn SEO,
  • Learn and figure out Search Console
  • Figure out, add, verify, implement and monitor Analytics,
  • Create conversions / goals
  • Constantly monitor / improve goal conversions,
  • Monitor efforts,
  • Adapt and change,
  • Sign up to everything above and more (and keep passwords safe and secure)
  • Implement and comply with EU website Cookie Law
  • Create Website Terms and Conditions, Website Terms of Service (if different), Website Privacy Page,
  • Create and test your Website sitemap, Search Console sitemap, Website Robot Text
This list is endless, so best stop here! My point … There is still so much still to do!

Your Virtual Personal Assistant and Creative Problem Solver

.. is looking for you … but who is you?

Andy or Alice Author

Andy or Alice are busy writing a novel, perhaps a debut novel. Time is limited, they work full time and only have so many precious hours to create their masterpiece.

They might be in the throws of finalising their book, but starting to worry about who is going to create their book cover or do professional formatting for digital and print. Or, they might dread the thought of how to get their books into print or uploaded to all major digital platforms.

Perhaps they need a website or find themselves researching how or when is best to market their book? They might need a professional editing or proofreading service but no idea where to start?

You need to start your marketing at least 90 days BEFORE you publish!!

Your Virtual Personal Assistant and Creative Problem Solver can help you do just that!

Eddie or Evie Entrepreneur / Solopreneur

Eddie or Evie are Entrepreneurs. They might only have one business or perhaps a few different ones. They are constantly under stress due to undertaking financial risk in order to turn a profit. There is not enough time in the day to focus on fee earning activities and instead they find themselves bogged down with various tasks they need to do in order to grow. There is so much to do but they simply can’t find the time, or don’t have the skill sets.

If your goal is to build a successful business, you will have to hire people!!

Your Virtual Personal Assistant and Creative Problem Solver can help you do just that!

Sally or Stuart Startup

Sally or Stuart are in the process of starting a business. They have children they need to work around, and they are trying to avoid the commute and save costs by working from home.

You need to focus on your brand BEFORE you have cards, stationery and website created!!

Your Virtual Personal Assistant and Creative Problem Solver can help you do just that!

Steve or Stephanie SME

Steve or Stephanie own a Small to Medium Enterprise. Things are moving slowly because they are overwhelmed by their workload. Steve stays up unsociable hours trying to do everything himself. Stephanie feels somewhat disappointed in her lack of growth. They work long unsociable hours to get where they are but still there is simply not enough hours in the day. They feel exhausted and need a break.

Outsource those time-consuming tasks that have kept you up nights. A small initial outlay will pay dividends to not only your health, but your business growth and wealth!

Virtual Precision Mission

Ready in 10!

  1. Make a list of tasks you need to do in order to grow your business
  2. Make a list of tasks you would like to do in order to grow your business
  3. Find the most time consuming tasks and track the average time it takes to complete
  4. Make a list of the apps, tools or software you use to complete or manage these tasks
  5. Work our your hourly, daily, weekly or monthly budget
  6. Read my reviews
  7. Find out more about me
  8. It all starts with you … so let’s chat!
  9. Contact Virtual Precision via our contact page, email, mobile, SMS or social media channel of choice and send me the information you came up with in points 1 – 5 above.
  10. Let’s start this creative collaborative journey together!

Virtual Precision Testimonial

As promised …

  • There is no need to interview me as you have nothing to lose.
  • You simply give me the information you came up with above, we agree a price/budget for the work.
  • You pay for an hour or a block via my shop (bank transfer).
  • I do the work as agreed.
  • I send you the completed job.
  • You decide if you are happy or not (no one has EVER not been happy as I always go above and beyond!).
  • You leave your honest feedback via the shop on the product bought.
  • GUARANTEE … if you are not happy, I simply refund you!
  • We take it from there.

Click to keep me!

Virtual Personal Assistant and Creative Problem Solver