UNLOCKED – 5 Secrets of the Perfect Virtual Assistant

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Call all startups, its time to break free

Virtual Precision have been successfully helping startups and entrepreneurs for over 4 years, but no matter how many people I talk to they always ask me what I do and how I do it. I simply say “I do everything a PA does, virtually from my own office”.  That’s not entirely true though, there are obviously things I cannot do that an office based PA can, like make coffee, greet clients or take minutes, but we are talking a virtual personal assistant here, designed with cloud based businesses in mind. Those businesses who don’t want the additional expense of overheads, liability insurance or staff training or machinery costs, etc.

“Colette does things better and faster than I ever could”

UNLOCKED – 5 Secrets of the Perfect Virtual Assistant

So lets be clear from the start. This no-nonsense blog is a little background on who I am, what I do and what’s in it for you … or at least, what you get out of working with me and why its a no-brainer!

Who am I? … Your Secret Weapon

I am a tenacious go-getter with over 30 years experience in the Corporate World. There targetis nothing I cannot do and do extremely well.  I am South African born, but living in the UK for nearly 20 years.

I have worked in various fields from the volatile investment banking trading floor, as PA to Executive and Managing Directors, DTP operator on the graveyard shift, and even settlements department (cancelling and re-booking trades) … all to extreme deadlines. Even experience in various Legal and Medical fields.

Companies I have worked for include Goldman Sachs International, Natwest Markets, UBS Warburg Dillon Read, Bankers Trust (now part of Deutsche Bank) to name a few.

NOTE TO SELF: Colette brings Corporate Experience to my startup.

My Story? … Refreshingly Transparent!

I started Virtual Precision in 2012 as I was fed up of not only the commute, but refreshingly transparentworking for others and making them rich i.e. the employment companies I was contracting through.

I was also getting annoyed with the office politics because I “didn’t take a lunch break” or “didn’t go home at 5pm”, or “didn’t take 20 -30 minute smoke breaks” as well as tea and lunch breaks, like everyone else … so I started “making them look bad”.

Really? I loved my work, no matter where I was I made the most of it, worked over and beyond what was expected and would not leave until I was completely caught up on everything.  Mostly because it made me sleep better and I could start the next day knowing I was on top of things, not sitting with a pile of back log that “someone else will help me with when it gets out of hand”!

NOTE: I sometimes talk about “I” and then “we”, this is because there is a small team including an illustrator, editors and proofreaders for our Author Services. The rest I do myself. So yes, a great multi-tasker due to being a highly organised individual.

What I DO? … The Creative Geniusroad runner

I offer a vast range of services for individuals, entrepreneurs, SME’s and authors alike. There are many different things I can do due to being creatively talented and experienced, a rare mix. No I am not bragging, simply one who is not afraid to learn fast and teach myself things along the way. This is what has earned me the reputation of the GO TO person when you need a Virtual Assistant. I hit the ground running and don’t need any training or equipment. (I even anticipate what you’re thinking … beep beep!)

NOTE TO SELF: Colette is like Google … she knows everything ^lol^

[CHALLENGE] Jokes aside, you can ask me to find you anything … simply ask me in the comments below, or by email using subject line “Ok Colette! … find me [my challenge] “

What’s in it for YOU? … it all starts with YOU!

Here are some quick benefits of working with Virtual Precision, there are many, but baby steps. All YOU have to do is make a START.

  1. Save – You only need one virtual assistant, NO OUTSOURCING to others
  2. Trust – You only need to SHARE your personal information ONCE.
  3. Achieve – You will be burden FREE knowing we can take care of most things.
  4. Reward – You will be able to ENJOY your spare time doing what you need most.
  5. Team – You will soon be AMAZED at how you ever managed without me.

“Colette is obsessively organised and creative … a very rare mix!” 

I can accomplish almost any task you throw my way, the full list of what we can do for you can be found here. It’s however easier to list what we CAN’T do for you.

What I DON’T do?

  1. Coffee and tea (we can send you a coffee machine)it all starts with you
  2. Transcription services (we can source)
  3. Telephone answering service (we can recommend)
  4. Fax services (do they still use these?)
  5. Printing & Binding services (we can source)
  6. FULL Booking keeping services (although we know a gal)

Anything else you require, we can do, and do well!  Don’t just take our word for it read our testimonials.

How WE work? … it’s all about YOU!

The process is similar for both new startups and established business, the only difference being that new startups might not already have systems in place, but I am also quite content adapting to systems that are in place and already working for you.

I am completely computer literate and worked with most applications and various software packages over the years so there is not much I haven’t tried, but if there is something new, it will not take long to figure out. I am also a part time undergrad studying BSc Computing, so my scope is varied. If I do come across something that could make YOUR life simpler, I will run it by you.

TOP TIP: Before contact, create guidelines for how to manage your calendar, meetings, travel, contact and account information. 

After initial communication via emails and telephone calls we can get a clearer picture of each other’s ideas on how to move forward using the apps we might have agreed on.

In these communications we would have covered everything on YOUR daily, weekly and monthly TO DO LIST projects, the tasks you need doing to complete these projects, and then confirmation of which tasks you want to delegate. We would have also covered email addresses, best ways and times to communicate, and passwords for calendars etc.

TOP TIP: Make a list of your priority projects, the tasks needed to achieve these projects and which ones you want to delegate.

If you need any help with these I can go into further detail but this should all be ironed out after we have spoken and I have sent an introduction email confirming everything, so we both have a note for future reference.

TOP TIP:  Always get confirmation in writing, you never know when you might need to refer to it!

Then its time to Focus. This is where you let me do my magic and you leave me to get on with everything that has been agreed in the background, so you can focus on YOUR business. It’s difficult to get into great detail here as every one works differently.

“… isn’t a challenge or project that Colette hasn’t taken on and blown me away with the results”

Conclusion … it stays with YOU!

So there you have it. Some reason’s why you should work with Virtual Precision (me). You have now gained a little more insight into my personality, sense of humour and hopefully my work ethic and values. Just to end on another thought. All personal details are held under lock and key and not even I can get into them without warning and some difficulty, so you will have peace of mind that your information is safe at all times.

So now its up to you to take the time to LET GO ALREADY, get your priorities, project, tasks and to do lists in order and let Virtual Precision free up your time, so you can focus on your business without those shackles in the back of your mind weighing you down.

So why not Contact me NOW to discuss your particular needs to we how you can help.

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