The Importance of your Amazon Author Central Profile

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Amazon Author Central

After doing some recent research on the ‘latest business books’ or ‘latest marketing books’ on Amazon, I was amazed to find that very few authors are aware of the importance of your Amazon Author Central Profile. After viewing some of these books I noticed their images are blank (bit like the grey man) and they have not created their profile.

Beneath your favourite Amazon book you should normally find an image of the author with a link to their Amazon Author Profile. A more recent feature of Amazon is for readers to “follow” this author, get updates, connect on social media or simply get notified when they have a new blog post out.

The Importance of your Amazon Author Central Profile

This is a feature that I have implemented for all my author clients.  I cannot stress how important this feature is and the many benefits this FREE service provided by Amazon has, that I thought it time to share the importance and marketing benefits of this service.

I have also created a FREE 22 page ebook download called HOW TO … Create your Amazon Author Profile … with full step by step instructions and screenprints, which you can find this at the end of this post.

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Setting up your Amazon Author Central Profile

There are two different Amazon sites you need to go onto to create your Amazon Author Central Profile, one in the UK if you are a British writer and then one in the USA if you are selling worldwide.The Importance of your Amazon Author Central Profile

As I mostly have clients from the UK, these are the only two that I use, but I am almost certain that there is an Amazon Author Central for every publishing country, you will just need to do a search for amazon author central [your country] and google will gladly show you the links.

The instructions below are for the USA and the UK only.  We will start with the USA as they have a little feature that the UK site does not, and that is allowing you to chose your author central profile URL.

Amazon Author Central USA

1. Go to

2. Click Join Now

Amazon Author Central Step 1


The Importance of your Amazon Author Central Profile TOP TIP … Try and sign up with your regular amazon account i.e. the one you have registered that you buy stuff from. It will save you a lot of confusion in the long run remembering login details and passwords.

3. Accept the Terms and Conditions, but please do read them first.

4. Confirm your Identity by typing in your Author Name.

5. Select your book(s) or search by ISBN.  Once your book is selected your account is created.

6. A confirmation email will be sent to your nominated email address.  Simply confirm your email address and your account is created, and is usually activated within 30 minutes.

7. Once you login (unless you are automatically logged in after email confirmation), this is the Author Central Dashboardscreen will see.

From here it is pretty straight forward. You simply click on the tabs at the top starting from left to right and simply complete each section. Just don’t forget to save everything, obviously.

But now back to the reason I said to come here first i.e. the USA site, is because they have the added benefit of allowing each author to create their own amazon author central profile URL.

Author Page

When you click on the first tab, your Author Page, you will be greeted by two columns.

The left column will allow you to create your Biography, add Blog Feeds and Events.

The right column will allow you to create your own custom Author Page URL, which is very handy to adding to the bottom of email signatures.

You will also be able to add and manage photos and add and manage videos such as book trailers etc.

I am not going into too much detail here as it is all in the free ebook I have already created.  The rest of the tabs you can play around with, although please note that some will take a few days to update.

Amazon Author Central UK

There are a few differences between the USA and UK Author Central sites, but again, this is covered in my ebook.

The major difference of course is there is no way to create your own custom Author Page URL. Probably because you have already set one up in the USA and perhaps eventually the two will link up but for now, the steps are the same as before, except you are going to a different URL for Amazon Author Central UK, which is …

Then you simply follow the same procedures as before.

Benefits of your Amazon Author Central Profile


The top benefit is that of marketing.  There is nothing worse (to me) than reading a good book and then going to leave feedback, only to find that the author has omitted to complete his profile. Its a bit like having a print book with no page about the author and/or no picture??  Might as well be written by Anon.

Not having an Amazon Author Central Profile is like reading a book written by ANON Click To Tweet


Other benefits include reaching more readers. Again yes its marketing but there are many readers out there who would like to identify with the author in one way or another. It is also beneficial in that when readers review your books, you can always send them a personal comment from your author profile, whether it be saying thank you or simply replying to questions readers may have.


You can also track your sales, but by no means rely on this information 100%, as changes occur hourly on amazon so this is by no means a true reflection, but it is however nice to see at a quick glance how your book is doing sales wise and how far off the top 100 you might be.


Author help and access to Amazon Support is simpler when you have your author central profile (and have used the same email address you do for your private amazon account).  This is another reason to try and use the same email address, because when you send a support request they will ask for your email address again, along with book numbers etc., and they do tend to reply to support issues quicker than if you had no amazon author profile. It will also stop the dreaded “incorrect email address” message if you accidentally give them the wrong one in a brief time of frustration.


And of course, your email signature. Nothing looks nicer for an author than having their own private author central URL that reads …

your private Amazon Author URL reads Click To Tweet


Again, I cannot stress the importance of your Amazon Author Central Profile.

Its a free service from Amazon for the Amazon Author. So yes its is only available to those authors who have a book on kindle or amazon, but who doesn’t? And for whatever reason your books are NOT on Amazon, you need to contact me pronto! It only takes about half an hour of your dedicated time to set up your Author Profile properly, and you will never need to do it again, unless you wish to edit or add further items.

Every reader has the right to learn more about the author and identify with them in some way and there is nothing more rewarding than connecting with your readers on a more personal level, not to mention the free marketing benefits.

You only need to set up two profiles, one in the USA and one in the UK (for the UK authors that is), remember there is no doubt an amazon author central profile in your part of the world too, so a simple google search will point you in the right direction.  This is to maximise your publicity, especially if you are selling globally.

The Importance of your Amazon Author Central Profile

Your free ebook

How to Create your Amazon Author ProfileHOW TO … Create your Amazon Author Profile is a step by step guide with screen-prints designed to walk you through the entire process on both USA and UK Amazon Author Central sites.

It will make clear which options are available in the USA that are not available in the UK Author Central websites, and the best way to maximise both.

If during any stage of the process you get stuck, or simply do not have the time, please do feel free to contact me and I could always create your Amazon Author Central profile for you.

If you have supplied all the information and its a simple case of copy and paste, it should not take very long at all and I will ensure it makes you proud.

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Get your free download by entering your email address below.  Once confirmed, you will be on your way to joining the Amazon Author Elite with your very own URL!

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