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The Adventurer Personality – 3 traits – turbulent, artistic explorer

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The Adventurer Personality reared it’s head today. Last year, almost exactly, I was the defender, what will I be tomorrow I wonder?

I decided to do yet another personality test at 16 Personalities

This time, my results where different from that of a year ago, thus proving that although, yes, I am somewhat of a defender as previously shown, I am however, also an adventurer, which leads me to believe that doing this test again, might reflect a somewhat different personality type, eventually showing that we all have bits of the 16 personalities within us.

Psychometric Testing

The reason I decided to redo this test is because I was recently asked to complete psychometric testing for a new adventure. My view has always been that psychometric testing is pointless, for the mere fact that you could give me the same test, 5 days in a row, and I can almost guarantee I will come up with 5 different personalities, depending on the “mood” and outcome of the day.

This was also proved on indeed, where some companies ask you to do their redundant tests. Firstly they are absolute garbage, asking you the weirdest questions that have absolutely NO relevance to the job at hand, and secondly, I did the same written communication test this time last year, and scored HIGHLY PROFICIENT, yet this time, done at 11:30PM, I only came out as PROFICIENT.


The McQuaig Specialist

The two psychometric tests I was asked to complete where;

  1. the McQuaig Word Survey® and
  2. the McQuaig Mental Agility®.

The good thing was I received feedback almost immediately from the word survey, which was all well and good, proving my skills for the job were a perfect match.

The mental agility test however, I received no feedback for, but still heard back from the employer for further interviews.

I have to say that I did struggle with this part, as its was late at night, I was on my mobile and the screen was bright white background with turquoise writing (really McQuaig?), so I could barely read half the questions … the trick of course is to answer as many of the 50 questions as possible in 15 minutes.

What they fail to tell you BEFORE the test is that you will need paper, pen and/or calculator for the math questions. Nonetheless, I heard back from the potential employer/client and it turns out the word survey report they sent to said client, officially called me a “specialist”, as shown on the right.

I DO NOT however agree with the “likes routine work” comment, as I am a creative who thrives under pressure in a varied ever changing environment, and it is this exact “routine” work that makes be cringe and get bored enough to move on seeking tasks that challenge the mind. Thus proving, that this is not really me, and my working history has proved it over and over. The Specialist screen print on the right taken from McQuaig.

The Adventurer Personality

So back to the point … today I am the adventurer. And yes I agree to most personality traits, but so do I agree with most of the defender, so who am I exactly? I will find out when I do the test again, best out of 3, or 5 if it turns out I am someone different on the day.

The Adventurer Personality Career Paths

Its is said that Adventurers need more than just a job and that their greatest need is creative freedom. We live in the now and to our peril, don’t plan for the future, retirement etc., but instead prefer risks.

It is also said that our calling in life is generally centered around psychology, teaching or counselling, but due to the long-term planning side we tend to avoid this and gravitate towards freelancing or consulting work. I totally agree.

The Adventurer Personality Workplace Habits

Adventurer personalities seek positions that give us as much wriggle room as possible, without stringent policies, procedures and micromanagement. Described as “spontaneous, charming, and genuinely fun people to be around, Adventurers just want a chance to express those natural qualities”. I couldn’t agree more.

  • As subordinates, we don’t like to be controlled,
  • As colleagues, we are more comfortable with our peers,
  • As managers, we don’t feel natural, but due to being great listeners we actually make very good ones offering freedom, inspiration and cooperation.

The Adventurer Personality Strengths

  • charming
  • sensitive to others
  • imaginative
  • passionate
  • curious
  • artistic

The Adventurer Personality Weaknesses

  • fiercely Independent
  • unpredictable
  • easily stressed
  • overly competitive
  • fluctuating self-esteem


Personality types are rarely as colorful and charming as Adventurers. Known for our kindness and artistic skills, we are good at finding exciting new things to explore and experience. Our creativity and down-to-earth attitude are invaluable in many areas, including our own personal growth.

Have you done your personality test at 16 Personalities?

Let me know who you are or what you think in the comments section below.

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