Book Projects

These are some of the book projects I have worked on over the years. They will soon be linked to Amazon where you can preview or buy any book(s) of choice.

King Derek and the Green WizardBurnt Part 1The Enchanted Grandfathers ClockPrince 2 FoundationThe CureKing Derek and the Red WizardMan Up and PaddleMax by Cary Grant365 Tax DiaryYour Pension ShortfallBurnt Part 2Mayhem Murder and Multi LetsBurnt The Complete SeriesMartyn KinchNEBOSHCelebrity Authors SecretsLucky PenniesThe Woman You Want To Be - Annie KaszinaTina RoylesThe CrossingBroken OathDo You Choose Your DogJust 14Murphys HeistFirst Years Piranhas in the BedroomThe Couple on the Green by Avie BennettRock HarderThe Couple on the Green by Avie BennettKing Derek and the Purple WizardGina Battye