Book Projects

These are some of the book projects I have worked on over the years. They are all linked to Amazon where you can preview or buy any book(s) of choice.

Max by Cary Grant
Do You Choose Your Dog
Just 14
Celebrity Authors Secrets
Your Pension Shortfall
Man Up and Paddle
Mayhem Murder and Multi Lets
Broken Oath
Murphys Heist
Lucky Pennies
The Enchanted Grandfathers Clock
Burnt The Complete Series
The Couple on the Green by Avie Bennett
Rock Harder
King Derek and the Wonder Wizard Series
Green Wizard
Red Wizard
First Years
Tina Royles
Gina Battye
The Cure
The Crossing
Martyn Kinch
Prince 2 Foundation
365 Tax Diary
Burnt Part 2
Burnt Part 1