Book Projects

These are some of the book projects I have worked on over the years. They will soon be linked to Amazon where you can preview or buy any book(s) of choice.

The Enchanted Grandfathers ClockMayhem Murder and Multi LetsThe CrossingYour Pension ShortfallKing Derek and the Purple WizardMartyn KinchMax by Cary GrantGina BattyeTina RoylesMurphys HeistThe Couple on the Green by Avie BennettJust 14Prince 2 FoundationKing Derek and the Green WizardKing Derek and the Red WizardThe CureBurnt Part 2First Years Piranhas in the BedroomLucky PenniesThe Couple on the Green by Avie BennettCelebrity Authors SecretsDo You Choose Your DogRock HarderBurnt The Complete Series365 Tax DiaryBroken OathMan Up and PaddleBurnt Part 1The Woman You Want To Be - Annie KaszinaNEBOSH