Our Resources page is a quick glance to further content we have available. We will be adding resources on a monthly basis to please do bookmark this page to find out what else we have in store for you.

Resources Quick Glance

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

The Advantages of Hiring a VA page is simply another listed page detailing the advantage / benefits to YOU of using a Virtual PA (VPA) or Virtual Assistant, however you wish to call it.  Again, this list is not exhaustive and I will be updating it when I get a chance.

Book Projects

Our book projects page is a animated (Flash) page of previous book projects we have worked on. You can easily click on the book(s) of your choice to preview the interior design and/or buy and support some of the authors I have previously worked for.


This is simply a list of self-study courses Virtual Precision are currently and have taken in order to improve our skill-set not only for our own business, but for our clients.


You can find some useful worksheet downloads for bloggers, writers, authors, beginners, marketers … all sorts.  This page is currently password protected but will be available soon!

ViP Specials

This is a sign up page for those who wish to be part of our ViP mailing list. Please join our mailing list via our Specials page.


Our tools page is simply where we add some very useful productivity tools, which might help you streamline your own business.  I have tried and tested and reviewed them with links for you to consider.

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