The Importance of your Amazon Author Central Profile

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After doing some recent research on the ‘latest business books’ or ‘latest marketing books’ on Amazon, I was amazed to find that very few authors are aware of the importance of your Amazon Author Central Profile. After viewing some of these books I noticed their images are blank (bit like the grey man) and they have not created their profile. Beneath your favourite Amazon … Read More

Letters from the Heart

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Want to take part in Cary Grant’s next book project? Here are some ideas to get you started. It’s FREE, so be a Hero by helping to raise money for Children in Need. Simply write a letter of your choice and post them here or you can also donate below if you wish to help raise further funds.

I Never got the Chance …

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i never got the chance by cary grant

If you ever wanted to write a book but, like me, never got the time to put your thoughts down all in one place, then this might be just what you are after.  A very dear client of mine, Cary Grant, the author, is looking for participants to take part in his next book project … I never got the chance to tell … Read More

UNLOCKED – 5 Secrets of the Perfect Virtual Assistant

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Call all startups, its time to break free

Virtual Precision have been successfully helping startups and entrepreneurs for over 4 years, but no matter how many people I talk to they always ask me what I do and how I do it. I simply say “I do everything a PA does, virtually from my own office”.  That’s not entirely true though, there are obviously things I cannot do … Read More