How to Create your 3D Book Cover

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How to Create your FREE 3D Book Cover

Have you ever wondered How to Create your FREE 3D Book Cover? Perhaps wanted a stylish 3D book cover for promotional purposes? Or simply to see what your book might look like in print, perhaps a pile of them?  Now you can, and this blog will show you how … in just a few easy steps.

What you will need

  1. Your front .jpg book cover
  2. Your .jpg spine (depending on which book cover you decide to use)
  3. A choice of book cover (samples below)
  4. or, if you wish you can find your own 3D book cover found in google search
  5. I find it easier to save everything to desktop, until the project is complete, then you can simply drag and drop everything into a new 3D Book Cover folder or similar.3D Book Template HardCover

FREE Sample 3D Book Covers

Here are a few I found earlier. Simply click on the one you would like to use and save it to where you other items might be. The original images are rather large but its easier to make a large image smaller, then distorting a small image when you want it larger. Keep everything handy so you don’t spend too much searching for things.

Although the spiral bound 3D book cover is shown below, I recommend this only for those with photoshop skills. This cover will not work very well in this exercise.

3D Book Template Spiral Boundblank-book-png 3D Book Cover Thick PaperBack3D Book PaperBack Thin



How to Create your FREE 3D Book Cover

Step One

Click on pixlr editor and you will be greeted by the following screen


Step Two

Here you want to select the second choice i.e. Open image from computer.

Step Three

Go to where you saved all your items and select the 3D book cover of choice. (For this example I have chosen a picture of some one else’s book (naughty) but this is simply to show you that you can, if you chose, select any 3D image you like the look of.

Step Four

Once you have selected your image it will appear as layer 0, which you will see on your right i.e. the middle window (not the advert).

Step Five

Now you want to bring in your front cover as a new layer, and in order to do this simply click on the layer main menu item which can be found running across the top of your window, as shown below.

layer menu

Step Six

Once you click on layer, you need to now select the 4th item down which is open layer as image, then select your cover from your desktop (if this is where you saved it)

Step Seven

Your cover is now showing as layer 1 (middle window to your right)

Layer 1

How to Create your FREE 3D Book Cover … YOU ARE HALF WAY THERE!

Step Eight

Hopefully your imported cover is not too large, but if it is it just means you will have to fiddle a little more than normal. If your image is too large to see properly, first use the free transform tool. This can be found in the Edit main menu (top).

Grab a corner handle, hit SHIFT + ALT together on windows , and you can adjust your image proportionally. After you have it to a size you can comfortably see, you need to click on the Edit main menu (top), and then select free distort option. This will allow you to drag the handles to each corner of the book.

Edit Menu

Step Nine

Your cover will now show little blue boxes on each corner of your cover. These are the handles you use to drag each corner of your cover, to the respective corners of your 3D book cover. It’s a bit fiddly and not an exact science but if you are lucky you will finish with a nice cover.

Free Distort

Step Ten

Once you are finished and have placed your four corners and you are happy with the outcome, click anywhere outside the image and pixlr will ask if you would like to apply the changes. Simply click yes and your cover is saved. Fret not, if you are not entirely happy with the image you now see, you can simply go back to the EDIT main menu item and select the undo option. This will take you back to where you started before, so you can always change it until you are completely happy.

Apply the Changes

Step Eleven

Now we need a spine, or your spine, assuming you have already cropped it. If not, and say you have imported your entire print cover i.e. front cover, back cover and spine, you can crop these when you import them, and then hide those specific layers and copy and paste new layers, but this is a little advanced, so I suggest you rather crop these ready before hand in any free photo editing software.

Step Twelve

So we go back to step 5, the layer menu and select the open image as layer option again. Choose and upload your spine. As I have no spine text, I simply chopped the edge of the front of my cover and used the free distort option to fit it to the spine.

Spine Layer

Step Thirteen

Your spine layer should be layer 2 (not layer 6 as mine), but you can simply double click on the layer names to change them. This is not as important as the final image though.

Step Fourteen

Once you are happy its time to save and download your final image. Simply click on the File main menu, then click on save in the drop down. As the initial book cover image I chose was transparent (.png) format, pixlr will automatically save as the same type you uploaded. There is a slight difference between a .png and a .jpg file when you save these from pixlr. If it is a .jpg, they will suggest you download it at 80% quality. If you are happy with this then okay, but I would rather shift the % to 100%. This will give you greater flexibility in the future.

Save your final image

Step Fifteen

And there you have it. How to Create your 3D Book Cover. Your beautiful professional looking 3D book cover created by you. How rewarding is that? Mine is by no means perfect (this is just for exercise purposes and also depends on the quality of the initial book cover) so until I am 100% happy with it, I will keep pixlr open.

How to Create your FREE 3D Book Cover TOP TIP:

I recommend that you keep your pixlr book cover creation open even after you have saved it as sometimes you might find that you are not entirely happy with the final downloaded image.

You will therefore not lose all your work and can either use the UNDO button until such time as you have gone back to the layer causing problems and/or simply upload a new layer and deselect the layer you don’t want.

Final Pixlr Editor 3D Book Cover

How to Create your FREE 3D Book Cover … take it further …

Take it a Step Further

Now that you have your final book cover, you can go a step further and upload this image as a new project, and duplicate each layer to give you a pile of books. Of course it will look much better when you have a spine with your author name down the side, but you get the idea.

Just remember that in order to move each layer you need to have them individually selected. If you wish to make the canvas larger you can use the Image Main menu and then choose canvas on the drop down menu. Then simply play around with the size until you are happy to fit all the books you need.

3D Book Pile


So there you have it. How to Create your FREE 3D Book Cover in a few easy steps. I hope this post has helped you in some small way so please feel free to share below and hook up with me on social media.

Feel free to let me know how you get on with How to Create your FREE 3D Book Cover in the comments below.

Alternatively you could send me a link to your final 3D cover via my contact page if all else fails. I would love to see your book covers. 

You can also Sign Up to our mailing list and be the first to know when we have new posts. 

Lastly, if for any reason you get stuck and/or need help simply let me know in whichever form you wish and I will gladly help you further.

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