#DeleteFacebook: Lessons Learned.

Remember back in 2018? Cambridge Analytica, privacy scandals, and that whole #DeleteFacebook thing that trended for about five minutes? Well, I wasn’t just one of those bandwagon jumpers – I was an early adopter of the digital ditching.#DeleteFacebook

Let’s just say Facebook and I haven’t been on speaking terms for a solid six years now.

You’re probably thinking, “Crazy, right? How do you even live?”

Well, surprisingly, life post-Facebook is a lot less dramatic than you’d think.

In fact, it came with some unexpected perks. So buckle up folks, the former social media addict is about to spill the beans.

#1: Time Warp

Remember all those mindless hours sucked into scrolling? Yeah, I got a whole bunch of those back.

Turns out, when you’re not refreshing the feed every five minutes, you have time for things like…reading actual books, learning a new skill, more time for business and clients, or simply taking a walk without staring at your phone.

It’s like adding a bonus day to every week!


#2: The FOMO Phantasm

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a powerful drug, and Facebook is its main dealer. Constantly seeing everyone else’s seemingly perfect lives can make you question your own.

But guess what? Once I quit, I realised a lot of that ‘perfection‘ was curated, staged, and filtered beyond recognition.

My own ordinary life started looking a whole lot sweeter.

#3: Real Conversations? Who Knew!

Without the crutch of hitting “like” or dropping a comment, I found myself actually seeking out my friends and family in real life.

Turns out, coffee dates are way more satisfying than emojis, and phone calls beat status updates any day.

#4: Drama Detox

Let’s be honest, Facebook is a hotbed of petty arguments, political rants, and those passive-aggressive posts aimed at people you secretly dislike.

Stepping away from all that noise did wonders for my sanity. Life’s too short for virtual squabbles.

#5: Privacy Matters

Okay, this one was a major part of my “Why I Left” manifesto. The way Facebook gobbles up your data is just plain creepy.

While I’m not donning a tinfoil hat, it feels good knowing my online habits aren’t being endlessly analysed and packaged to the highest bidder.

#DeleteFacebook The Verdict?

Would I ever go back? Never!

Life beyond the blue-and-white bubble is surprisingly fulfilling. Sure, I miss the occasional meme and keeping up with distant cousins, but the trade-off is more than worth it.

It’s a digital detox I highly recommend! Maybe you won’t last as long as I did, but a social media sabbatical might surprise you.

Let me know your thoughts!

Did you ever abandon Facebook? Did you join the #DeleteFacebook wagon? Have you gone crawling back? Share your social media survival stories in the comments below!

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