Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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The Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur!Red Adair
For the entrepreneur, small business owner, author or SME, there are many advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant is not only a good long-term investment for your business, but they are professional, highly skilled, like minded entrepreneurs who require zero training or supervision. But first …

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a personal assistant who works from her own home or office providing secretarial and/or administrative support via the internet and virtual communications to busy people like yourself.

They are not your employee, but rather a like minded business owner who can capably organise and streamline the administration side of your business.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will mean you have the freedom to get on with the important things in life, like generating new or following up existing leads, concentrating on fee earning activities, completing projects, networking and more importantly, spending extra time with friends and family.

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

Firstly, when you hire a Virtual Assistant you are entering into an agreement with another business owner (or employee thereof), so understand the pressures and requirements of running a successful business.

Secondly, a virtual assistant can significantly decrease your work-load by working around your schedule, allowing you to only pay for hours worked.

Additionally, they do those background tasks that add value and assist business growth whilst freeing your time to get on with more important things.

Finally, together you collaborate a strategic direction plan to your ultimate business goals and KPI’s.

The Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant therefore far outweigh the cons of not having one.

How a Virtual Assistant help you?

VIRTUAL adjective (COMPUTER) Something that is virtual can be done or seen using a computer and therefore without going anywhere or talking to anyone: virtual shoppingCambridge Dictionary
Essential ways a virtual personal assistant can help you are (but are not limited too);

  • time management,
  • email marketing management,
  • social media management,
  • blog management,
  • web and graphic design,
  • SEO,
  • research and content writing,
  • administrative task management,
  • travel management,
  • account and invoicing management,
  • project management,
  • tracking and monitoring,
  • transcription
  • web development.

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant


  1. Employee salaries, benefits, taxes and national insurance to pay.
  2. Liability for on-site employees.
  3. Legal responsibility to employees.
  4. Staff training – They come fully trained with specialised skills, experience and knowledge in various fields.
  5. Additional equipment required.
  6. Overheads.
  7. Looking for last minute temp staff due to illness.


  1. Rates are agreed up front with no nasty extras so only pay for hours worked.
  2. VA services are tax deductible.
  3. Fit for purpose – long or short-term tailored working relationships.
  4. Freedom to work from any location.
  5. Freedom to spend downtime as you wish.
  6. As an solopreneur – they understand the challenges of running a business.
  7. As a partner – they bring an abundance of prior knowledge and experience.
  8. One call and they are there when you need them.
  9. Access to a network of VA’s – if your VA can’t help you she can reliably find someone who can! (although highly unlikely with Virtual Precision)

Who and Why Virtual Precision

Virtual Precision Logo BlackWe have been a professional virtual personal assistant for 5 years as Virtual Precision, with over 25 years Corporate experience in diverse fields such as Investment Banking Trading Floor Support, Legal and Medical Secretarial and IT Support fields.

Think of us your single point of contact, committed to working with you to develop rapport, trust and establish professional working relationship in short period of time.

We quickly learn and adapt to your working style, preferences and requirements. Specialist skills in email marketing management, research, web and graphic design, SEO, video production, writing, typesetting, formatting, editing and proofreading.

Finally, you get this for a flat rate. Our fee’s do not fluctuate according to service(s) required, as we like to take care of our business family. You can find out more here. Or simply eMail us to find out more.