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Virtual Precision Website Update

Remember the days of black and white movies … and when photocopiers only made black and white copies? Now obviously, technology has moved on so fast … we get 3D or CGI movies and copiers that not only colour copy, but fax, scan and even create 3D prints! (more about that in future blog), but all this out with the old and in with the new … we just want to advise about our current Virtual Precision Website Update.

Freshened Up … Virtual Precision Website Update

It’s high time I updated my own website as been neglecting my own business, and as such my own blogs and SEO, so a Virtual Precision Website Update is in order, with a fresh new theme (and I mean SO new, no one else seems to have this new theme yet .. according to forum support) … and made it fit for purpose, in my opinion anyway.  There will be trail and error(s) and changes along the way, but the basic outline is here for now.

Not everything is entirely updated as yet, but my site has been offline for over a week now, I need to get Google visiting again.

Pages still needing completion

I am still to add my entire portfolio, but this could take some time, I am also to complete the Design and WordPress Services pages (but the contact form is working), and of course, my pet hate … the Client Logo’s are not yet perfect size wise, (another trial and error) but again this could take some time.

Work in Progress

So please DO NOT take this as the final copy of this site, (and think I do an unprofessional job for my clients, which I don’t!) but rather a work in progress … fighting through a new theme with quite a few bugs that I need to sort out with code to suit my specific needs, and by the looks of things, with the theme developers as they seem to be on another side of the globe (India) and are not the fastest to comply and or speak the best English. (proof of this in poorly spelled words in theme … another blog all unto itself)

More later … as I pay more attention to my own blog posts, which I will try and post at LEAST once a week from now on. No promises, but will certainly try as clients do come first.

Jetpack Captcha?

Many thanks for your patience and continued support throughout the years … but anything you need just use the contact form (it works) … for those who don’t have my email address … (ZERO TOLERANCE for SPAM … until jetpack sorts this annoying NON CAPTCHA part out), so please feel free, to contact me anytime.

Why has jetpack not added a captcha to their contact form yet, after all these years?  WOW, something so simple with all the WordPress spam … boggles the mind!

Theme Design

Yes the theme has its own contact page, but again, the captcha is missing, and they seem to have have places for live email addresses everywhere, which in itself, is a HUGE SEO nightmare.  Even omitting the email address should simply remove the email logo, yet, alas … it is still there?  Some theme creaters’ are so talented, yet the miss the plot at the smallest, most important details, the one(s) that mean the most for good SEO.

So until such time as I have worked through everything and perfected it to my liking, (yes I am a perfectionist), and expect things I pay for to work as it should, and if it doesn’t, then I re-code it until it does … so again, I thank you for your patience.

Make Google Happy!

I know we should wake up every morning and say “How can I make life simpler for Google”  website wise … but the fact of the matter is we, as WordPress users, we rely on theme designers to work out the bugs, make life easier for us as we have paying clients to deal with.  So … dear Google, I beg your forgiveness for the errors you might find in the next month or two, but please, do NOT penalise me, I will get everything together as soon as possible … it is Christmas after all, so please give me a break!

Until next time!  Thank you for being patient with our Virtual Precision Website Update.