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website update 2

Further to my previous post of 21st December, herewith Website Update 2, due to an EXTREME premium theme nightmare … with company who will be named and shamed in an upcoming post.

Too Much to Ask?

I do not normally name and shame, but I am of the belief that if you pay (what I consider) an extortionate amount for a premium theme, one expects the promised support and/or forum help to get somewhere. Instead I have had to sit with far too many BASIC problems to deal with at this time of year, considering I paid for a theme and therefore assumed it would work as promised, or at least with some support.  I simply wanted a fresh new look for a fresh new year!

One would not believe the endless problems faced, but this for the following blog post, if only to stop people from making the same mistake I did, with a theme that DID NOT DO WHAT IT SAID ON THE TIN! (livid, to say the least – and best get a refund, and ensure I NEVER recommend them to future clients again).

What support did say however, was that “they would sort all problems out in the middle of January!” … and this is simply not good enough, considering my theme was not working as promised, not even loading on mobile and page speed was FAR TOO LOW for google to even bother with.  I start work again on 5th January and simply cannot sit around anymore.

Website Update 2

So I have once again spent a few days researching and now found what people are calling “the last theme they will ever buy” … simply due to the COUNTLESS possibilities of this theme, and WOW, this is NO lie, but again I will rave about this new theme in yet another blog.

TO DO List

There are still a few things to do on this theme, but as already mentioned previously, my site has been down for a total of 10 days with theme nightmares, so I have had to make it live in order to filter through Google and attend to the SEO when problems show up.

  • Portfolio – is again needing completion as no book projects are up yet and I do have a few years to go through.
  • Design and WordPress Pages also still needing completion but for now said portfolio items are showing, which will hopefully be good enough for now.
  • Services Page – also needing completion with pricing tables, but for now duplicate content in portfolio page(s) (naughty girl!)
  • Testimonials – still needing completion and a few years to go
  • Team Members – still needing creation and will be adding to a header widget in the future


Think thats about it to do really, except experiment down the line when I get the chance to find the true enormity of possibilities of this current theme, along with all the additional plugins which I still don’t have a clue what all they do, but trial and error.

The contact page however is working, so do please feel free to contact me anytime, and thank you once again for your patience throughout this New Years Resolution for my Website Update 2 ,i.e. fixing what is broke!