The 10 Minute Task List Challenge

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With today’s technology designed with the remote worker in mind it has never been easier to hire a new staff member, without any overhead. Virtual Assistants (VA’s) and Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA’s) are the future and are fast becoming a necessity. What’s the difference between a VA and a VPA In a word from our vocabulary … experience!  A Virtual PA has many … Read More

8 Ways Virtual Precision can Increase YOUR Productivity

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8 Ways Virtual Precision can Increase YOUR Productivity

Are you overwhelmed with your workload, wearing too many hats and dream of becoming more productive and less stressed? Do you need another team member working toward the same goals for YOUR business, without the hassle of hiring new staff? Are you open to new ideas and willing let someone else systemise your business, routines and ready to delegate those repetitive time-consuming … Read More

Website Update 2

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website update 2

Further to my previous post of 21st December, herewith Website Update 2, due to an EXTREME premium theme nightmare … with company who will be named and shamed in an upcoming post. Too Much to Ask? I do not normally name and shame, but I am of the belief that if you pay (what I consider) an extortionate amount for a premium … Read More

Website Update

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Virtual Precision Website Update

Remember the days of black and white movies … and when photocopiers only made black and white copies? Now obviously, technology has moved on so fast … we get 3D or CGI movies and copiers that not only colour copy, but fax, scan and even create 3D prints! (more about that in future blog), but all this out with the old and in with the new … Read More

Self Publishing with Virtual Precision

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self publishing

Self-publishing is not always easy so if it’s your first time, then it can be a daunting task with a steep learning curve. A simple Google search will turn up “information overload”, enough to put anyone off, especially if they want a simple answer fast, but who to turn to and who to trust can also be a little scary, especially with all the different blog … Read More