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Self-publishing is not always easy so if it’s your first time, then it can be a daunting task with a steep learning curve. A simple Google search will turn up “information overload”, enough to put anyone off, especially if they want a simple answer fast, but who to turn to and who to trust can also be a little scary, especially with all the different blog posts from current and previous authors giving pro’s and cons to every platform.

Fear not, this is where Virtual Precision comes in.  I have years of experience in both print on demand and ebooks across all platforms, and depending on what you are after i.e. both print and ebook formats, will depend on which path to choose and of course the price I charge.  Other factors to consider are if the book has images or is a text only novel, but depending on your requirements we have various fees for various formats.

Benefits of Self Publishing

Self publishing offers the author complete control of every aspect of publishing their book, from typesetting to copy editing, proofreading, cover design, advertising and marketing.

A recent survey of writers found that 25% of them had self-published a work, and 86% of them said they would self-publish again.  Source:  Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society

A self-published author tends to get about 70% of the cover price for an e-book from a company like Amazon, if they charge approximately £1.50 or above in available sales territories, or 35% in non-sales territories. This is significantly higher than one might get using a publisher.

A self-published author owns 100% copyright.

5 Mistakes Self Publishing Authors need to Avoid

1. Poor Cover Design – having a quick look at the kindle best seller list will show you just how small a thumbnail your book cover will be. You need to ensure your cover title and author name is easy to read in all sizes, and of course, you need an attractive enough cover to stand out from the crowd.

Author Mistakes2. Poor Title – you might have the greatest story in the world, but without that magic title, your book will just not sell.  Catchy and interesting titles that use a keyword that potential readers will search for is a good start to easy sales.

3. Poor Editing – ensure you have read and re-read, ask friends and family to help read and re-read to make sure your book makes perfect sense, speaks in the correct tense at all times, has the correct grammar and spelling.  A professional editor is the way to go if you struggle with any of the above.  Nothing worse than getting a bad review because of something small.

4. No Author Photo and Biography – do not ignore this.  Many authors seem to think this is not very important but readers like to relate and/or connect to authors and find out about the person behind the words. Leaving this page out can actually leave readers with a negative impression of your work.

5. Poor Marketing – time and time again I see authors spending months writing, and finally publishing their books, yet seem to think that the marketing will take care of itself.  If you cannot afford a professional marketing company to promote your book, then the best place to start is at least 90 days BEFORE publishing, have a book website created, and start blogging and tweeting and getting interest out there.  Send out little teasers, or even a promotional video.  Start building a fan base on facebook or whichever medium you prefer. Once you have a fan base then things get easier, but you need to get off your butt and do some leg work.

Hopefully this post has helped in some small way, but why not see what out clients have to say, or simply contact me to if you have any questions and/or need clarification on anything further.

“Self published books are normally easy to spot, so when Colette from Virtual Precision took my plain word document and created a highly professional looking book I was simply delighted.  In fact, since publishing ‘Your Pension Shortfall, Your Retirement Rescue Plan’ I have had several compliments on its lay out and how it doesn’t look self-published.  As a new author getting my book print ready and loaded onto a Print on demand engine and Amazon, seemed one hurdle too far.   However, I needn’t have worried as working with Colette reduced my stress levels significantly. She is efficient and friendly, responding quickly to requests and changes and she made the whole thing simple for me.  I would certainly recommend Colette to anyone and will have no hesitation working with her again for my book revisions.”